A Bit About Us

Paul was born in New Orleans in 1960 and grew up in Gretna, Louisiana. He attended River Oaks Academy High School and Louisiana State University. He graduated from LSU in 1982 with a BS in Mechanical Engineering.  Paul works at Texas Instruments in Dallas as Sustainable Development Manager for semiconductor manufacturing. He is also a Senior Fellow with the US State Department's Energy and Climate Partnership for the Americas program.

Elena was born and raised in Lubbock, Texas. She graduated from Texas Tech University in 1985, then attended graduate school at Ohio State University. Unable to decide on a career, she worked in radio and environmental consulting followed by a long stent as a freelance technical writer and editor.  She currently works at Weaver. She served for nine years as a member of the School Board for our district.

Kendall was born in 1993 and graduated from Lovejoy High School.  Kendall enjoys reading, singing, acting, and playing the oboe. She graduated early from Indiana University majoring in criminal justice.

Thelonious (Theo) - the Cat (photo)
Theo was living on a farm outside of Waco and they didn't want him so we took him at Thanksgiving 2011. He has the exact opposite color and personality from Coltrane. He is fearless and likes to sleep on my head. He sports a Texas sized bubba belly.

Bebop - the Dog (photo)
Bebop was a rescue. Our neighboor across the street was adopting Bebop's brother and called us over to see the two other puppies. We took her home that day - Feb 2, 2014. She was approximately 10 weeks old.

Past Pets

Coltrane - the Cat (photo)
Coltrane was rescued from a local university where he was hanging out with the other feral cats.  The name comes from a Simpsons’ episode – plus it compliments Dizzy the Dog.  Coltrane, or “Trane” joined us on Dec 1st, 2007.  He can strike a fierce pose if needed. Coltrane died in Feb 2014.

Dizzy - the Dog (photo)
Dizzy was an abandoned animal.  My sister found him in the summer of 2000 and we took him in.  Dizzy is named after Dizzy Gillespie – I’m sure he would have been honored.  He’s part yellow lab and part something else – possibly Hawaiian (photo). Dizzy died in June 2013.

Reville—the Guinea Pig (photo)
Kendall’s 5th grade science teacher had a guinea pig who gave the class a lesson in reproduction.  Reville was one of the offspring and Kendall was selected to keep her. She was born in May of 2004.  We have since taken possession of Reville’s Mom (Sugar Mama) and friend (Candy).  Reville passed away in 2007, Mama in 2008. Candy in 2009.

Thomas - the Cat (photo)
Thomas (Thomas O’Mally the Alley Cat) appeared on our deck in the fall of 1997.  We never found his owner, so we adopted him and took him straight to the vet to get "fixed." Despite that experience, he stayed with us and lived on our deck outside the house just above the reach of the coyotes.   He thought he was the king of the house (
photo).  He disappeared while we were on vacation in 2004.


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