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In July 2021 we took delivery of our new 2022 Winnebago Travato KL. The K refers to the floor plan and the L refers to the 12.8kW Lithium Ion battery pack on board in lieu of a generator. We call it the Bebopabago, after our dog Bebop, who can now travel with us.

We've both driven a Prius since 2004/2006 and we calculated that, verses a 25mpg vehicle, we saved 8,777 gallons of gas, which comes to $23,378 in savings. Dropping to a ~16mpg home on wheels will only put a small gas cost dent in our decades of savings.  Check out the links below for more information. Click here for Travato specific blogs. Or click the travel blog link for all our posts. 



Travato 2022 KL information

Travato MPG

MPG Chart

MPG chart with elevation, temp, and speed data

Travato Data

MPG Data

MPG data for every tank fill

Gas Price Paid

Gas Price Paid

Gas Price per Gallon

Maintenance Data

Maint Data

Complete maintenance records

Gas Saved Prius vs Used Travato

Gas Used vs Saved

Gas used in our Travato vs years of Prius gas savings

MPG vs Speed

MPG vs Speed

MPG vs. vehicle average speed

MPG vs Elevation

MPG vs Elevation

MPG vs elevation gain/loss

MPG vs Wind Speed

MPG vs Wind Speed

MPG vs average wind speed

MPG vs Temperature

MPG vs Temperature

MPG vs outdoor temperature

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