The Westbrook Family

Elena, Paul, and Kendall at the Grand Canyon in 2018

Paul was born in New Orleans and grew up in Gretna, Louisiana. He attended River Oaks Academy High School and Louisiana State University. Paul graduated from LSU in with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. Paul worked for a third of a century at Texas Instruments in Dallas as the Sustainable Development Manager for semiconductor manufacturing. He was also a Senior Fellow with the US State Department's Energy and Climate Partnership for the Americas program. Paul's efficiency and sustainability consulting firm is RE:source Design.

Elena was born and raised in Lubbock, Texas. She graduated from Texas Tech University, then attended graduate school at Ohio State University. Unable to decide on a career, she worked in radio and environmental consulting followed by a long stent as a freelance technical writer and editor. She currently works at Weaver. She served for nine years as a member of the School Board for our district.

Kendall graduated from Lovejoy High School where she enjoyed reading, singing, acting, and playing the oboe. She graduated early from Indiana University majoring in criminal justice and has worked in web development, sustainable home improvement, and now the mortgage industry.


2014 - 

Bebop was a rescue. She likes frequent long walks, sticks, and tug-a-rope.

Thelonious (Theo)

2010 -  2020

Theo was living on a farm outside of Waco and they didn't want him so we took him at Thanksgiving 2010.


2007 - 2014

Coltrane was rescued from a local university where he was hanging out with the other feral cats. The name comes from a Simpsons episode.


2000 - 2013

My sister found Dizzy in the summer of 2000 and we took him in. He was very fluffy and would shed a ton of hair every year.


1997 - 2004

Thomas (Thomas O’Mally the Alley Cat) appeared on our deck in the fall of 1997. We never found his owner, so we adopted him.