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We are a three Prius family. We have a Barcelona red 2007 (bought lightly used in 2010 and driven by me). My wife has a new 2017 blue magnetism Prius Prime Plus (replacing her silver pine mica green 2006). My daughter has a 2017 magnetic gray Prius Prime Premium (replacing my original seaside pearl blue 2004.

I have collected extensive data, logging every tank of gas along with various data and maintenance records for the 2004 and then 2007 Prius. My lifetime average is 53.9 mpg. Link to data summary sheet.

Below are several data sheets and charts showing the 2004 and 2007 combined data. Click the image to open a full pdf. Here's a one page summary of the key data and charts.

My book, The Joy of Efficiency, covers this info as well, along with much more information on living an efficieint life.

Prius Trio
Prius Data

Prius Data

Every gas purchase, MPG data, and gas savings. Data summary link
Prius MPG Chart

Mileage Chart

MPG, rolling avg MPG, and outdoor temperature
Prius MPG vs Temperature

MPG vs Temp

Chart of MPG vs temp with varous tire types
Prius Maintenance Data

Maintenance Data

All maintenance costs
Prius MPG Bias

MPG Bias

MPG data showing car computer bias
DFW Gas Prices

Gas Prices

Gas prices in DFW


Detailed Technical Info on the Hybrid Drive – From the Toyota Japan web site (english version) – good forum with plenty of useful information. 

Prius Yahoo Group – join to access files and documents.

John’s Prius Site – more data and info than you can imagine.

Car Interior Temperature Experiments:

Internal Temperature With Variables (car direction, shade screen, windows cracked)

Car Color Effect on Exterior Temperature